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Salad bars are being populated in schools, but kids are still not eating vegetables.


We supercharged the school cafeteria salad bar with colorful artwork, interactive storytelling, and superheroes!

super-powered salad bar

here’s what our super powered kit comes with



“Eat healthy, feel great! We love the Super Sprowtz Super Bar!” - Third Grader from PS 129 in Queens, NYC

“The kids love the program. The artwork is bright, colorful and engaging. It grabs kids’ attention and I can see an immediate difference.” - Micah Ali, President, Compton Unified School District

“We are excited to partner with Super Sprowtz to make healthy food accessible to all youth...this will bolster our ongoing efforts to improve the quality of life of residents and promote healthy living in this great city.” - Mayor Aja Brown, City of Compton, CA

“The salad bar program saw an increase in consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables which really positions our kids for a better future.” - Eric Goldstein, Chairman of the Urban School Food Alliance & Chief Executive from New York Department of Education


salad bar map

Sprowting Across America

We are rapidly growing in and expanding to New York, NY; Compton, CA; Boulder, CO; New Orleans, LA; Washington, D.C. and San Juan, Puerto Rico in Spanish.

Compton, CA
sprowt out!