Erica Eggplant
Miki Mushroom
Zach Zucchini
Meet Our Celebrity Ambassadors
Todd Tomato
Suzie Sweet Pea
Colby Carrot
Brian Broccoli
A trip to the White House
Gita Garlic
Oliver Onion
Sammy Spinach

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Super-Powered Press!

"Vegetables as role models!"

"Super Sprowtz approaches nutrition education in a fun and different way!"

"My kids now eat their veggies with a smile thanks to Super Sprowtz!"


“What I love about… Super Sprowtz, is that they add a fresh and fun “cool factor” to vegetables that makes it culturally relevant for children and families. The Super Sprowtz makes no attempt to hide vegetables, they put vegetables front and center and get kids asking for them, which is an important distinction…”

“You Super Sprowtz are so cool!”

“[Super Sprowtz] is a hilarious way to teach your kids nutrition with comic books and matching puppets: talking vegetables vs. junk, grease and processed foods.”

“My son can’t stop telling me he’s going to gain super powers by eating Colby Carrot. I couldn’t agree more. Thanks Super Sprowtz!“

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