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Brian Broccoli

Super Strength

Brian Broccoli Super Strength October 15


Brian Broccoli is the Team Captain, he is very supportive of the Super Sprowtz mission to stop the Pollution Posse and will encourage his Super Sprowtz teammates along the way. He may be big and strong on the outside, but on the inside, he is a very loving and caring super hero who would never hurt a fly. He is very positive and always turns the negatives into a positive. He once held 300 soccer balls on one hand.


He flexes his arms! Up and down!


“Proper preparation prevents poor performance.” (5 P’s)


He likes all the Super Sprowtz equally. However, he loves to work out at the gym with Sammy Spinach and Suzy Sweetpea.


Lifting heavy things. Working out. Playing electric guitar. Collecting rocks. Archaeology – he loves bones because his bones are Super Strong.

Fight against the Pollution Posse by telling your friends how they can eat healthier with Super Sprowtz!

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