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Colby Carrot

Super Sight

Colby Carrot

Super Sight
January 26


Colby Carrot is very outgoing. He loves to observe everything around him with a careful eye. He loves to be a joker and the center of attention with the Super Sprowtz. He is a smarty pants with a big heart and always wants to help. He once observed an ant crawling over the Himalayas while carrying an apple core.


He has orange laser beams that come out of his eyes!


“Awesome Eyes!”, “I’m keeping my EYE on you! Literally!”


Suzy Sweetpea. They go together like peas and carrots!


He likes to play in the dirt. He likes to drink water. He likes stand-up comedy. He likes using his super sight to stop the Pollution Posse. He loves to look up while he’s walking around. He loves observing the world around him.

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