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Todd Tomato

Super Safe

Todd Tomato

Super Safe
August 6


Todd Tomato worries about everything! He is always washing his hands, and feels it is his duty is to protect the Super Sprowtz and the citizens of the city from dirty dishes and barreling boulders. However, when his shield comes up, he transforms into a confident warrior and is not afraid of anything. He is a very sweet tomato indeed.


He raises his shield! He can sometimes create a force field that protects everyone around his shield if he concentrates hard enough.


“Be careful okay, I bruise easily.”


He enjoys hanging out with anyone that thinks safety is key!


He likes washing his hands, taking long showers under the watering can, cleaning his shield, being far away from sharp objects, humming so people know he’s nearby, and stopping the Pollution Posse with his shield.

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